Flutter: FLUTTERPEDIA- Guide


news - Version 1.64

Updated social system, now add friends through Game Center as well as facebook

Support for new butterfly sets (itzamna, paradise and saltar)

Confirmation timer for Flutterbucks spent

General refinements and performance improvements

What you can see in this website :

There is a guide of flutterpedia.

In the file below there are some more detailed information that will help you to do some missions or just for your curiosity, this file is not finished, but it is under development!

FLUTTER-Guide.xlsx FLUTTER-Guide.xlsx
Size : 17.34 Kb
Type : xlsx


My name is Alessio and i want to help you all with this guide, this is really hard but i really like to do this and i hope you'll like this.

With help and contributions made by Pedro Lopez Jr. , Egor Chaschin and Rob Walrond.

 There is the game trailer :


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